How you can help!

GEtting Involved

Making a difference in the life of a Hemi child and their family is what this charity is all about.

Running a charity can be quite the undertaking!  So we welcome any and all help.  If you are interested in being involved with Lift Up Hemi by contributing ideas, helping organize events, run fundraisers, etc. please fill out the Volunteer Application form and email it back to us at

Make sure to include information in the body of your email about what fundraiser/event you would like to participate in.  A Waiver Liability form is also required if you are participating in an event or fundraiser hosted at a location.

Events and Fundraisers

At Lift Up Hemi we are raising funds to help families.  Being present at community events to help educate and spread the word along with hosting a variety of fundraisers.

If you would like to run a fundraiser in your area, submit a fundraiser/Event Request Form.  If you have an idea for a fundraiser or know of an event where we should be present please email us at  Make sure to include the following information:

- Name

- Mailing Address

- Phone Number

- The event/fundraiser you are suggesting